Sunday, June 12, 2011

1 Student 1 Sport Policy (1M 1S)

As we have already known, Ministry of Education are currently carrying out a new Education Policy - 1 Student 1 Sport, or in Malay 1 Murid, 1 Sukan.

According to the Ministry of Education, this policy has a few objectives as below:-
- To encourage students to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.
- It is assured that academic results would not be affected, instead making the students all-rounders.
- It is hoped that schooling hours not be extended to reduce logistical issues to parents.
- Secondary school students will be getting 90 minutes every week to participate in the sports event of their choice.
- Likewise, primary school going children will get an hour every week.
- Currently, secondary school students only spend 80 minutes in Physical Education while 60 minutes is spent for primary school children.
- Those with poor health can be exempted from this policy.
- Sport grant (annual) will be increased from RM2.40 for every student to RM6.00 for secondary school students and RM4.00 for primary school students.

I am totally agreeable to the objectives of carrying out 1 Student 1 Sport Policy, however, I personally feel that parents are not that easy to be agreeable with it. This is because a lot of scenario in Malaysia that have discouraged the parents to go according to the policy, whereby students who are getting well in both academic and co-curriculum don't have any assurance in their future.

As a result, parents have lost their confidence and feel that it's unworthy for their students to proceed according to the Education Policy. Parents, then, help their children to think out of excuses and loopholes for their children to be excluded from following this education policy.

In order to regain the confidence from the parents, initiatives should be taken by the officer-in-charge to convince the parents. They shouldn't wait for the parents to understand themselves or blamed the parents who don't give full co-operation to the ministry. This is absolutely wrong because no pain, no gain. If no action has been taken to convince the parents, then you shouldn't be blaming them for not giving full co-operation in the future.

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